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Hello World from @twiceart_gallery

The perspective of someone from the generation of 1979.

Today I present this blog so that you can get to know us, so that you can understand a little of what we do or at least connect in a way with our works.

Our style is free and I think that we are misunderstood geniuses.

We flee from the perfection of the lines or the finishes. Our recuersos are more on the side of the spontaneous, of the true, of the honesty of the words that arise from the emotions.

This blog is dedicated to talking about our art and also to criticizing art.

Art is a reflection of society and currently our society of absurd, meaningless, consumerist. Currently many forms of artistic expression show it: vain, empty, without morals. Murderers of nature, crazy, lost, without God and without Devil.

I invite you to follow us, to criticize us, to love us or hate us.

Welcome to the other side, you are welcome to cross the borders of the everyday and welcome to the world of adstraction and the world of symbols.

We know that we cannot change the world, but we can change ourselves.

Freedom is change.

Oil on Canvas
Thorsten Weiß
Status: Available

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